Hoverboard needs a speed limitation or over speed alarm

Electric hoverboard seems to have been popular in just one night. We can see youth crossing the street riding a hoverboard with hands in their pocket and headphones in their ears. Kids like to ride hoverboard too. However, security cases such as explosions and falling downs still happens.On 5th Jan,2017,Jiangsu product quality supervision bureau of China has release a risk supervision report on hoverboard for 2016: they have inspected 29 batches of hoverboard, in which 25 batches found problems, failure rate reach to 86%.

The main problem is that when the hoverboard speed is too fast, 17 batches without speed limits and alarms, it may cause danger to rider and people around. overboard don’t have same braking system as traditional vehicles, its driving speed related to the body posture of rider.

The power of hoverboard is not only used to maintain speed and acceleration, but also to maintain balance for hoverboard. When the electric hoverboard